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Bridal jewellery :New age or Traditional




These are interesting times to be a bride. Gone are the days when bridal jewellery meant purchasing traditional sets for the bride. No longer is the bride a mute spectator as her wedding jewells is purchased by the family elders. Personal style preferences are increasingly dominating the purchasing decisions of would-be brides. The individual is slowly overtaking the event Bridal jewellery is now more about expressing your individual tastes and preferences rather than fulfilling event specific traditions.

But, does that mean that traditional jewellery is now completely out of favour with the new-age bride? Not at all! In fact, one can be sure that traditional jewellery with gold, meenakari or polki work will be part of the bridal jewellery purchases. To what extent, is a question whose answer varies from person to person. In my experience, the days of purely traditional bridal jewellery are well and truly gone. All brides-to-be, that I have interacted with, have in some way or the other incorporated contemporary designs and concepts into their bridal jewellery purchasing.

A major limitation of traditional jewellery is that its use is very event specific. It does not lend itself well to use outside the arena of marriage and its associated functions. This is where brides are increasingly opting to split their purchasing between various styles for various functions. The tendency is to go contemporary for cocktails and ring ceremonies, while focusing more on a traditional feel for the main marriage function. Some brides are making the entire traditional versus contemporary argument redundant, with hybrid designs that incorporate elements from both design schools. But, I guess that would still qualify as a break from tradition.

In the end, it’s important that your jewellery fits the occasion but isn’t limited to a one-time, event-specific use. Whether you choose to go heavy with traditional or contemporary designs, versatility in your design choices will serve you well during and after the marriage functions. Research well, make your opinion and choices known, and experiment freely with motifs, gemstones, fancy shapes and cuts, textures and colours. After all, marriage is a very special occasion for any bride and it pays to put in extra effort into your jewellry choices.



Finding the perfect Bridal Lehenga


A bride’s lehenga is probably one of the hottest topics of discussion at any wedding. That’s why it’s important to choose your bridal lehenga with utmost care. From the way it fits to the colour and the embroidery, your lehenga should ensure all eyes are riveted to you. After all, it is your big day. Take a look at some awesome tips to pick your bridal lehenga according to your body type and skin tone.

When choosing your bridal lehenga, you must keep the three most important details in mind.



  1. Shape
  2. Comfort
  3. Colour


The shape
Try on lehengas in various shapes like A-line, princess, sheath and empire waist, to see which flatters your body type the most. Always make sure that you can walk, turn, sit and bend comfortably, as well as lift your arms to hug your loved ones. Comfort and confidence are crucial on your wedding day! 

If you are short or petite, an A-line silhouette will suit you best. If you prefer a fitted lehenga, choose a mermaid skirt but make sure it suits your body. It must kick out at the bottom.




For the pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped bride, you need to balance the top half of your body with the bottom. Do not use straight or bias-cut designs; your hips will be greatly accentuated. The perfect bridallehenga will disguise and draw attention away from your least favourite parts and highlight the best.

The neckline
The neckline for your outfit will draw the most attention. Depending on how broad or narrow your shoulders are; your face, neck and bust line can be accentuated or downplayed by the shape of your neckline. Also, keep in mind the shape or style of jewellery that you will wear. If you have already bought the jewellery, show it to your designer, so that she can design the neckline accordingly.

If you have a big bust line, opt for a nice ‘V’ neck that distracts from it. For a smaller bust line, a wide neck with an empire waistline would be great.



The colour
Choose a colour for your lehenga that best compliments your skin tone and the wedding décor and arrangements. If you have a fuller body, do not use very bold colours. 

The fabric
While choosing fabrics for the outfit make sure you use the season’s appropriate fabric. Also make sure that you choose the fabric appropriate to the design and discuss all this in detail with your designer or an older person at home. Remember the wrong choice of fabric will ruin your look for the day and the silhouette.

 The article is on Michelle Salins
About Michelle Salins: Born in India and having lived a small part of her life in New York, designer Michelle Salins has launched her eponymous label MICHELLE SALINS in the United States. The collection’s international appeal captivates the eye with Salins’ use of rich colours and luxe fabrics. Encouraged by her father’s zest for life, designer, Michelle Salins, founded her namesake line in 2009 after a career spanning over a decade as a successful interior designer and decorator.

Go Green And Make Your Wedding A Bit More Interesting


You may not be able to halt global warming on your own, but you can at least exert some efforts in making this world a better place to live in by choosing to have a green lifestyle. And when it comes to weddings, you can decide to lessen your carbon footprint so that your matrimony will be transformed into an eco-friendly event. In this post, we are going to tackle some useful tips on how you can turn special day into a green event and start your marriage life right.

Tie-A-Knot The Green Way With These Helpful Tips:

1. Go local –  The cake, food, and wine are some of the important things at the reception. Go green by buying these wedding essentials at the local market. Acquire the services of your neighborhood bakery and let them do the honors of making your wedding cake; Buy all the food ingredients that you need at the local farm; and instead of ordering wines someplace else, why not support a winery from your town and patronize their products at the nuptial? Doing these simple things will lessen the carbon emissions that can be produce throughout the whole shipping and delivery process and in turn you are saving the environment without having to put too much effort in it.

2. Opt for Eco-dresses at your wedding – High end suits and wedding dresses are very enticing to wear and surely enough most of the brides would love to don an expensive gown at their special day. But instead of wearing pricey gowns that are made from traditional fabrics, why not go for eco-friendly dresses for a change? They are termed as eco-friendly because all of these dresses are made from natural fabrics and with no synthetic materials used in the coloring and the design.

3. Make all the guests aware about your eco-friendly efforts – Inform all the guests beforehand about your intentions of making a green wedding. Include this information on the invitations and encourage them to wear eco-outfits and bring ‘green gifts’. Moreover, if you can persuade them go easy on nature during the travel then go ahead and do so. Ask them to use ethanol fuel or biofuel on their way to your wedding venue. Ethanol is a plant by-product and it exhausts clean emissions compared to diesel and gasoline fuels. Clean emission equals less pollution, and less pollution to the air means less damage to the ozone layer which will eventually contribute to the decrease in global warming. It’s a clever idea to save Mother Nature while you’re on your way to make your vows in front of the altar.