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Bridal jewellery :New age or Traditional




These are interesting times to be a bride. Gone are the days when bridal jewellery meant purchasing traditional sets for the bride. No longer is the bride a mute spectator as her wedding jewells is purchased by the family elders. Personal style preferences are increasingly dominating the purchasing decisions of would-be brides. The individual is slowly overtaking the event Bridal jewellery is now more about expressing your individual tastes and preferences rather than fulfilling event specific traditions.

But, does that mean that traditional jewellery is now completely out of favour with the new-age bride? Not at all! In fact, one can be sure that traditional jewellery with gold, meenakari or polki work will be part of the bridal jewellery purchases. To what extent, is a question whose answer varies from person to person. In my experience, the days of purely traditional bridal jewellery are well and truly gone. All brides-to-be, that I have interacted with, have in some way or the other incorporated contemporary designs and concepts into their bridal jewellery purchasing.

A major limitation of traditional jewellery is that its use is very event specific. It does not lend itself well to use outside the arena of marriage and its associated functions. This is where brides are increasingly opting to split their purchasing between various styles for various functions. The tendency is to go contemporary for cocktails and ring ceremonies, while focusing more on a traditional feel for the main marriage function. Some brides are making the entire traditional versus contemporary argument redundant, with hybrid designs that incorporate elements from both design schools. But, I guess that would still qualify as a break from tradition.

In the end, it’s important that your jewellery fits the occasion but isn’t limited to a one-time, event-specific use. Whether you choose to go heavy with traditional or contemporary designs, versatility in your design choices will serve you well during and after the marriage functions. Research well, make your opinion and choices known, and experiment freely with motifs, gemstones, fancy shapes and cuts, textures and colours. After all, marriage is a very special occasion for any bride and it pays to put in extra effort into your jewellry choices.