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Why Buy Organic Clothing?


People buy organic clothes for a lot of different reasons. Some people buy organic clothing because it makes them feel better knowing that they are doing something maintain their health and the planets health. Others buy them because they possess more aesthetic appeal. The difference between natural fabric and unnatural fabric is the way it has been grown. Cotton that is grown with the use of pesticides is considered unhealthy and hazardous to the environment and human health in general.


When people use pesticides to grow their plants, they are harming more than many of us realize. The chemicals from pesticides can easily seep into the ground and get into our drinking water, which is why there are so many warnings about drinking tap water. Everyone should buy organic clothing because it helps to make a statement to sellers. Did you know that cotton is currently the most widely sprayed crop in the world? There is no other plant in existence that is as weighed down with pesticides as cotton.

The more people choose to purchase organic cotton fabrics, the more manufacturers will start to get the idea. Did you know that your skin can actually absorb the chemicals sprayed on fabric? Human skin is like a sponge, everything is absorbed into the bloodstream. In California, five out of the top nine different types of pesticides used are considered cancer-causing chemicals.

Another reason to buy organic is to minimize skin allergies. People who suffer from skin rash and other irritable symptoms are usually unable to pinpoint exactly what is causing their problem. Most people simply chalk it up to a mixture of things, when in actuality, unnatural cotton is the culprit.

What’s even better about making the choice to buy organic cotton is that it doesn’t cost anymore than traditional fabrics. It costs less to grow organic cotton because all that is needed are insects often referred to as “beneficial bugs” to serve as a natural pesticide. The ground does not become polluted with cancer-causing chemicals that get into everything we eat and drink.

Traditional cotton farming relies heavily on the use of insecticides, which currently accounts for 25% of world’s consumption. Aerial spraying is also used, which is hazardous and known to drift out into local neighborhoods, onto the farmers themselves, and into the atmosphere. Surrounding crops are heavily affected by the chemicals used to grow cotton.

Adding to the benefits of buying organic clothing is the way it makes you feel. There is an element of stress relief associated with knowing that you are doing something healthy for yourself and the environment. When you buy organic clothes, it can also help to increase your awareness in relation to going green. All it takes is a few simple changes in your life to really awaken your natural instinct to protect the health of yourself, your environment, and your family.