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Dutch designer creates clothing line to charge mobiles:Amazing!

Dutch designer Pauline Van Dogen, with help from solar energy expert Gert Jan Jongerden and Christian Holland from the HAN University of Applied Sciences, has created a new range of clothing that is embedded with photovoltaic technology, allowing the wearer to charge their phone wherever they are.
The ‘Wearable Solar’ clothing range features flaps that open up to reveal solar panels that would enable the wearer to become a walking mobile phone charger. 
Ms. Von Dongen designed the front of the dress in a manner that it could hold 72 flexible cells that are attached to the panels and can be folded outwards to capture sunlight, and depending on the amount of light, the 48 rigid crystal solar panels on the jacket’s shoulder and waist leather flaps can be revealed and hidden. 
With an hour’s worth of direct sunlight exposure, the garment can generate enough energy to charge a typical smartphone to 50 percent capacity.
The designer unveiled the collection for at the ‘Wearable Futures’ conference, an event showcasing innovations in wearable technologies, held recently in London.
According to Ms. Van Dogen, Wearable Solar is about integrating solar cells into fashion, so by augmenting a garment with solar cells the body can be an extra source of energy.
The project is a true integration of technology and fashion, which can transcend the realm of gadgets, she added.
 Article courtesy:fibre2fashion

Fine British Fashion Making Its Way Across The Atlantic


British have a style that is envied all over the world, and Americans are not immune to the cutting edge looks that they see on television and in print. What you find in the boutiques and on the streets of London usually makes its way to us in a year or two, and this season is no exception. From business formal to night time casual, the English influence on spring’s fashion can be see everywhere. Here are a few of the looks you will find this season that are borrowed from our friends across the Atlantic.

The most dominant trend to cross the ocean that has in every aspect of fashion is color. More specifically, the color blue is everywhere this year. In menswear blue suits were seen more often that grey or black suits. Blue collared shirts, blue ties and even blue dress socks are the perfect work day accessory. When it is time to get more casual, blue jackets, and cotton shirts are the perfect statement. Women are sporting cobalt blue skirts with blue print tops for business. The opportunities for wearing this new neutral are endless.

Menswear inspired clothing for women is the must have look in the UK this year, and it is catching on in the USA. This look is especially striking in business attire. Extremely tailored outfits with a feminine twist is the way to wear this fashion trend. Some of the business suits are even cut from the same cloth and are designed in a similar pattern to the men’s suits. Accessorize these suits with feminine hairstyles, jewelry, and sexy heels. Far from masculine, the menswear inspired clothing is flattering and attractive without traditionally female patterns, styles and colors. Pair the dark business suit with a tailored short sleeve blouse that has been styled with a ruffle and cap sleeves. You will find that this look follows the curves of a woman’s body unerringly. It is bold and understated all at the same time.

Casual shirts for men are still tailored, but not as close fitting as their formal counterparts. Forget the plain white or blue shirt, a pattern is the way to go. Small navy and wine checks, pink checks, and really any other angular pattern on a white background defines the look. There is a lot of blue here as well, and these tailored shirts are the perfect way to combine the color of the moment with a popular style. Pin stripes in blues, reds, pinks, and purples are another nice break from the monochromatic styles we saw last year.


The Neon fever



Pop in the Eye catching Florosent colours these days .Designers believe neon colors bring vogue, energy and aura to the wearer.


Neon yellow colored borders in a kurti



Neon yellow and neon pink colour go well with grey and black


Madhuri Dixit wearing neon pink border sari matched with neon green blouse


The neon colour palette is not only restricted to shades of yellow and green but it goes beyond them beautifully with blue, coral and red. The trick lies in pairing the apparels well.


The main thing to be kept in mind while picking  up neon is not to use too much of neon colors together.


Wedding season round the corner -How to Choose your Anarkalis!!



Anarkali suits seem to be everyone’s favourite for the festive and wedding season. From celebrities wearing designer anarkali dresses to lay women like us, none of us can get enough of this opulent trend. While Anarkalis come in several designs and patterns, the ones with borders are timeless and quite a hit. If you’re planning to wear an anarkali this Diwali, here’s how you can choose the perfect anarkali border to make a dazzling outfit.

Why use an anarkali border?
While you can opt for embroidery, lace and other adornment to enhance your anarkali suits, borders are the latest and most enhancing trend. Designer Aditi Holani says, “Borders enhance the otherwise tonal kalis joined together.”

“Borders add an interesting twist to your anarkali outfit. They highlight the hem and provide visual and physical weight to the overwhelming flounced silhouette of the anarkali,” says designer Aniket Satam elaborating on the use of borders. He adds, “Borders also function as a height lengthening element in the design and gives a break from the monotony of extra long flounce and flare.”

Things to keep in mind while choosing an anarkali border
The border you choose can make or break a design as it can overpower and kill the look if you go wrong with it. Things like length, fabric and design of the anarkali play an important role while choosing the right border for your outfit.

Aniket says, “Maintaining the rhythmic balance of an outfit is an essential factor. Calf length anarkali should be finished with simple mirco borders. For floor length anarkalis, dress it up using different borders which are eight to 10 inches broad.”

“If your anarkali’s flare starts from the shoulder, you can opt for a heavy border,” says Aditi.

Designer Pawan Sachdeva explains how to use borders on different fabrics and colours. He says, “If the fabric of your anarkali is very delicate (such as chiffon), then stay away from heavily embroidered borders.” He adds, “If your outfit has too much work on it, opt for thin and delicate borders. Lastly, if the colour of the suit is too jazzy and vibrant, use a border that is subtle and vice versa.”

Borders according to your body type
Just like there are different patterns of Anarkalis for different body types, one border doesn’t work for all. Aniket tells us what border you should choose for your body type –

Petite: Women with a petite frame should sport bright and sleek styles. Avoid bold and broad anarkali borders as they will overpower the entire look. Pretty and dainty patterns, delicate cutwork and feminine textures work best for the petite body type.

Tall: Tall women are blessed as this is the best body type to sport an anarkali. A tall frame permits you to experiment with bold and broad borders. You can also fabric block and colour block your anarkali with interesting borders using graphic geometrics and bright Indian patterns such as gota, Kutch work and bright brocades.

Slim: If your body type is slim, avoid anything too fragile and delicate. Borders used in gradation and geometric pattern work well for this body type. Use similar borders on your sleeves as well.

PlumpAnarkalis are not a good option for women who are plump. But, if you still want to wear them, experiment with asymmetrical hems and uneven flare as it add lightness to the design. Avoid under bust cut and opt for the shoulder panel variety.

Trends in anarkali border designs

“Traditional South Indian karvat style woven varieties are quite haute this season”, says Aniket. Authentic Paithani and Karnataki temple borders also look great. Rose gold and copper finished borders are trendy this season, more than the regular gold and silver. “Borders in neon and bright colours such as orange, red, green, gold and silver with zari embroidery, kundan work and thread work are quite a hit this season,” concludes Sachdeva.

What to avoid
You can sometimes go terribly wrong with borders. Hence, it’s important that you avoid making certain mistakes. Holani says, “You need to keep in mind your body type before picking borders. Shorter frames should never opt for over-the-top or broad borders.” Borders can horizontally break the outfit into lengths and make one look shorter and larger. Aniket says, “Play with textures of the same tonal colour family and don’t be afraid to mix gold with silver, black with brown and shine with matt.” “Avoid pairing extremely contrasting colour borders with your suit,” says Sachdeva.


Courtesy: Idiva.com