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Exploring the Kolhapuri saaj

Known for its unique appeal, intricate designs and grandeur, the Kolhapuri saaj has always been popular among women. 

And to keep to the new trends and make it more wearable, the saaj makers are constantly experimenting with the jewellery, giving it the modern twist. Here’s a lowdown on the jewellery, which has been there for over 60 years now, and has evolved in patterns and designs over the past few decades.


Loyal buyers for old designs
Though the latest designs and patterns are popular among youngsters, elderly women prefer the traditional designs of Kolhapuri saaj with 21 leaves. Himmat Oswal, owner of HF Jewellers, in Gujri, said, “The saaj comes in limited designs and people opt more for the traditional ones. Though we make patterns which suit the young taste, older women always prefer the traditional ones.”

Keeping up to the new trends
Mangesh Karekar, a goldsmith said, “To suit every women, saaj now comes in different sizes as well. Small, medium and large sizes are available and the antique look of the saaj is also in demand. The antique saaj is different from the traditional ones. The Kolhapuri saaj is exported to America and Australia as well.”
History has it…
The actual date when the saaj was made is unknown but there are people who are into this creation for over 60 years now. Aatmaram Karekar, a goldsmith and owner of Aatmaram Karekar Suvarnakar near Khasbaug Maidan is famous in the city for his saaj carvings. “Making the Kolhapuri saaj requires a lot of skill and patience. Though the city now has very limited goldsmiths left who actually create the original saaj, people are experimenting with the jewellery.” A saaj necklace was also gifted to Britain’s first lady, Queen Elizabeth by a city-based goldsmith Karmarkar Pedhi, 45 years ago.
Cheaper options for tourists
Gold plated saaj jewellery is popular among foreign tourists. Jagdish Rangole, from Rangole and Sons on Gujri Road, said, “Tourists prefer buying saaj which comes in gold plated and are affordable. As it is a heavy ornament which requires more gold in grams, it is costlier. Women buy this imitation saaj as it meets their needs and also look like the real gold saaj.”
The modern depictions of saaj
Formerly, Kolhapuri saaj used to have 21 leaves of different design pendants. However, now women wear only 10 or 12 leaves in the Kolhapuri saa.



Jhumkas: Timeless trend


Beautiful, elegant and classic… jhumka is the perfect accessory for ethnic Indian wear.


Anushka Sharma’s long pearly jhumkas complete her pale creamy anarkali dress.



Gauhar Khan’s danglers complement her plain high neck dress.


Rani Mukerji looks gorgeous in her sari and chunky metallic jewellery adds to her appeal.


Sonali Bendre’s colourful jhumkas blend with her striking sari.


Urmila Matondkar looks dazzling in her black and gold look and large ethnic jhumkas.


Choose pearls to look versatile



Switch to a classic look or a funky one by pairing timeless pearl jewellery with casual and formal wear.


Suvankar Sen shares a few rules on how to wear pearls with your outfit to get the look you desire:


– Long back pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings will go well with a golden dress. If your dress has overpowering collar, avoid wearing pearl necklace.


– Look elegant by wearing multiple strands of large pearls with a pant suit. You can mix pearls in different colours together to take the fashion quotient up.


– Light weight pearl necklaces gel with strapless gowns. If you wish to do without the necklace, go ahead with pearl earrings. It will be perfect jewellery to match with your evening gown.


– When worn with a satin skirt, pearl jewellery looks even better. Wear a cardigan in muted hues with it.



Kundan jewellery and how to clean it



Image  Kundan jewellery is very delicate, and are often intricate in design So, one has to be very gentle while cleaning them:
Use a soft piece of suede cloth to wipe the surface of the jewellery clean. 
Take a small piece of common eraser (rubber), and again wipe all surfaces clean using it, to remove stains and marks.
Take a baby brush, dip it in a bit of face powder, and give the piece a brush-over, and then, air it for a while.
Always keep a silica pouch in the box you keep kundan jewellery in. It keeps it from tarnishing and cracking.



elegant neckpiece of Kundan jewellery

Handmade Jewellery Enters the Glamorous World of Fashion and Trends


Have you got bored of wearing the same type of machine-made jewellery? Then you may need to got a chance to grab some rare pieces of handmade jewels. The latest trends for customised jewellery designs mesmerize women to adorn glamorous and modern look. Wearing hand crafted gemstones matching with your wardrobe really make your day to be a fun and exciting.


beautiful handmade necklace

The vibrant collection of ornaments in the form of pendants, necklaces, bangles, rings, anklets, earrings, bracelets makes it a compulsory match to your outfit. Whether you are wearing casual or formal outfit you can wear it to add more charming and appealing look to your personality. The uprising demand for designer accessories has brought up many experienced designers and jewellers to try their hand on some of the best pieces of handcrafted jewels.


matching  handmade bracelets 

The beautifully crafted jewellery developed by skilful designers may steal the occasion by its soothing collections of antique, traditional, modern and funky looks. The exclusive range of such gemstones purchased at cheap or costly rates entices women and girls to make it a part of daily wear. To be in sync with latest collections to jewel pieces you can browse over the internet or visit some jewel store or exhibition showcasing the beautifully crafted to homemade accessories.


unique recycled earings

The fashion and glamour market to such collections of ornaments has made it the best accessory to be gifted to your loved ones. It can be taken up in all metals like gold, sterling silver, platinum and titanium. Sparkling stones like ruby, diamond, topaz, emerald and sapphire adds real charm and beauty to the metals perfectly engraved into different shapes and sizes. Handmade jewels are very stylish and elegant to meet the demands of men and women.


cute handmade pearl necklace

For many people the trend to handmade jewels is quite old as centuries, the people used shells, stones and bones create masterpieces that loved by all as customised designs. Jewellery making is a creative job that can be carried out by one’s will and hobby. When you plan to go for handcrafted ornaments, there are many different things you need to look upon


The first thing you begin to take is artistic patterns that would exactly help you to design some of the rarest pieces to rings, bands, earrings or pendant styles. For best patterns to jewellery making, visit the local art and crafts store. To pick the ideal jewel patters you may take the help of internet. There are innumerable sites available to jewellery making patterns, select the one as per your choice and affordability.

To get the best pattern to bracelets, rings, pendants, and best design go through the jewellery supply stores to imitate the chosen style to enhance your virtual personality.

Wearing customised handmade jewellery become the choice for every women or girl’s attire.