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Indian Fashion Jewellery- The most beautiful jewellery!



Exquisite handcrafted items of India are highly demanded overseas. These alluring and attractive pieces display excellent craftsmanship of Indian artisans and craftsmen. You get a vast collection of Pendants,  Designer Jewelry, Indian jewelry beads and Designer Jewelry Beads. In addition to this, Thick Leather Cord, Decorative Drawer Knobs and various other handcrafted products are also available to choose. 
Fine quality raw materials like clay, ceramic, resin, bone, glass and many more are used in Indian handicraft products to provide vividness to its wide array. Nowadays, many manufacturers use advancedtools and equipments to easily and quickly meet the bulk requirements of the clients. Moreover, highly experienced craftsmen from all over the country are employed for presenting new and creative collections in the market. 
These exuberant Indian Handicraft Products and Designer Jewelry Beads are checked at each level for optimum finish & neat craftsmanship. This way people get only quality products for what they pay. Numerous clients and customers around the world are also showing keen interest in buying the huge range. 
Quality Assurance
Several companies engaged in the manufacture, supply and export of Indian Handicraft Products and Designer Jewelry & Designer Jewelry Beads are becoming quality centric. This is because they have realized that it is the quality of the products that pays in the long run. quality proven raw material are procured from reliable and trusted vendors for crafting mystical range of designer jewelry for the clients. Expert craftsmen are employed in the designing and construction of the products. They work in close collaboration with the clients to offer exactly what they want.
Right from the selection of raw material & methods to the final dispatch of the finished products, every stage of the production is strictly checked.  Methods implemented for product conformity include –
·         selection of quality material   
·         Well trained workforce
·         Design & construction perfection
·         Uncompromising quality auditing
·         Implementation of international standards in the products
·         Superior warehousing environment and packaging
Moreover, constant market researches have motivated the manufacturers to offer more improved range to cater to diverse requirements of the clients. Ethical business practices have further helped these organizations in the prompt delivery of the estimated assignments anywhere across the globe. 

Product Range
A wide range of Indian Handicrafts Products as well as Designer Jewelry Beads is provided in the market. These handmade beads, glass beads, lampwork beads, designer jewelry, decorative knobs, pendants, and numerous other hand-crafted products are impeccable in design, finish and quality. Premium material such as clay, wood, ceramic, leather and glass are used in the products. You can get them in attractive colors and alluring designs. T

All handicrafts are custom made with the in-depth knowledge of the craftsmen in suitable work environment.  The entire range available in the market is perfect for fulfilling the aesthetic demands of jewelry designers, fashion houses and garment industry. These items are offered at the highly competitive and affordable prices for sale in the market, both national as well as international. These products displayed in numerous fascinating designs, colors and finishes are definitely worth buying.


Punja weaving



Panja weaving forms part of Indias glorious weaving tradition. This craft is mostly used for making durries (light woven rugs used as a kind of floor covering). Carpet weaving is seen as home based small scale industry & secondary occupation. The production setup is highly fragmented. Knowledge transfer is limited & very slow, that too within small group or family or cluster. Production capacities & output has high level of unpredictability.


Handicrafts, A Treasure Since Inception


India, from its very ancient and Vedic times has been known for its handicraft skills and people who pursue handicrafts. Handicraft industry was use to be one of the most popular cottage industry of all times, and it did provide a lot of jobs to the people around the country, and has been doing it up till and until now. When modern era started to came into being, the popularity of the same started going very rapidly, and soon captured the market, and thereby the demand for handicraft industry gone rampant.

Handicrafts from the streets of India

This scenario changed the entire marketing of the business, and now the demands started coming from foreign countries as well, and the export mechanism came into being. And hence Indian Gifts & Handicrafts became a gateway to ethnic India, which displays the best of the handicrafts from the country. The system started providing the visitors an easy access to product information, latest write-ups, articles and much more features that were earlier unexpected, and hence the “trade” became more and more friendly. The Indian Handicrafts have thus, made an invincible entry in the international trade.



Handicrafts made from wood

Now, one the system of export and import was well established, the next factor was “cost”. Since handicraft are much of labor intensive, outsourcing any external items were not much in use, and hence more and innovative people started vesting their interest into it. After the “market” and “cost” being managed, now comes the “handicraft gift items”, the Indian handicrafts gifts. Their reflection were seen in “paper products”, religious products, toys and dolls, home products and Antiques, nautical products, garments, garden accessories, furniture, paintings, decorative items, table accessories, Antique Armory, Home Furnishing, Jewelry and many other useful products and today it is one of the most rejuvenating and successful market in the country


Next coming to the kind of products that are designed by craft manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh, manufacturers of handicraft items are, wooden handicraft, animals handicraft, bar accessories, baskets, bath accessories, candle stand, door knob, figures, fire sets, etc. In Rajasthan, it includes paintings, designer jewelry, gemstone sculptures, stone handicraft, wooden handicraft, lamp shades, ornamental dagger, terracotta candle, cloth painting, embroidery painting, marble painting and many more. hence we can conclude that, diversity of the handicrafts is not only a profession of a certain restricted area, but it gigantically varies with the quality of people, geographical factors and too much on how well the available demographics is converted in required goods and design.

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