‘American Hustle’ promises to bring back 1970s fashion

Sultry sequined evening gowns, bold swooping necklines and wide-hemmed trousers—the key fashion trends reminiscent to the flamboyance of 1970s disco era, will make a comeback in the soon-to-be released hotly-anticipated Hollywood film ‘American Hustle’.
The movie, which is based on a real-life corruption scandal during the Seventies, will feature the star cast in some sophisticated, sensual and edgy 1970-esque dresses, created by the film’s costume designer Michael Wilkinson, as well as few authentic pieces, such as twist-front jersey dresses and clingy barely-there revealing numbers, from the industry leaders of that time—Guccci and Halston.
The most dazzling attires in the movie include a sequined halter-neck evening dress, a macramé one-piece bathing suit and several iconic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses, worn by Amy Adams’ on-screen character Sydney Prosser.
Rosalyn Rosenfeld, another main character in the film, played by Jennifer Lawrence, will be seen in printed caftans, Hawaiian muumuus, house dresses, white metallic rhinestone-studded strap dress and an I. Magnin-designed vintage leopard-print chiffon halter-neck piece.
Actor Christian Bale’s con man character Irving Rosenfeld has been styled with an abundance of paisley ties, striped shirts and dotted neckbands and Jeremy Renner has been filmed in pale-coloured suits and statement ties for the movie.
Bradley Cooper, who plays a wild FBI agent in the film, will be showcased in simple polyester suits paired with outlandish ties, suave leather jackets, sports coat and silk scarves.
Scheduled to be premiered on December 20, 2013, in the US, ‘American Hustle’ is a story of a conman who is forced to work in the dangerous yet enchanting world of mafias for an FBI agent. 

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