The Urban Wear Flair




A wholesale distributor of urban clothing is absolutely necessary in order to stay on top within the retail market. With urban trends occupying nearly every closet in America, it is necessary that retailers offer the best of the best in order to stay current and profitable.

The hip hop community has largely influenced the trends that we see today and even high fashion designers have included the hip hop lifestyle into their collections. What is the signature look of hip hop fashions? In the early 2000, hip hop trends seemed to be constantly evolving. The use of extra baggy clothes continued to be the norm as well as the use of “bling”. Hip Hop artists’ heavy influence made top designer brands very popular during these years. Trends from the 80’s and 90’s once again emerged, making bright colors and other trends such as graphic print hoodies popular again.

Today’s modern trends in the hip hop culture include the use of snapback hats along with clothing that is created with a personal message or story behind the brand. Why is this clothing influential? It represents a deeper level of connection than just wearing the clothes because of the style. It shows a deep sense of cultural inspiration and understanding. Hip hop fashion will always be remembered as one of the most important elements of both old school and modern music.

No matter how much the fashion trends change over the years, urban clothing is always going to be an essential wardrobe staple item in the closets of fashion forward men and women. Urban fashion has gained so much popularity that even world-famous designers are incorporating hip hop inspired styles into some of their hottest and most desirable designs. It is hard to hit a high fashion retail store without seeing some kind of urban wear on the racks.

When it comes to urban fashion some of the hottest styles include loose-fitting jeans, flannel button down shirts, diamond necklaces, and high top sneakers. Not only are these fashions comfortable, but it is simple to create a fashion statement that will be sure to turn heads.

Wholesale urban wear distributors are great for store owners looking to create a steady source of income. These distributors allow buyers to purchase the hottest trends in fashion in bulk and unit ordering. The ability to purchase the clothes at bulk rates allows the price to be kept low and reasonable. Wholesale distributors offer all of the latest urban trends available on the market – they are sure to keep up with the changing trends and keep their stock updated and fresh. With the wide selection that wholesale distributors have to offer, it has never been easier for buyers to resell great pieces of fashion to their customers.

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