Fine British Fashion Making Its Way Across The Atlantic


British have a style that is envied all over the world, and Americans are not immune to the cutting edge looks that they see on television and in print. What you find in the boutiques and on the streets of London usually makes its way to us in a year or two, and this season is no exception. From business formal to night time casual, the English influence on spring’s fashion can be see everywhere. Here are a few of the looks you will find this season that are borrowed from our friends across the Atlantic.

The most dominant trend to cross the ocean that has in every aspect of fashion is color. More specifically, the color blue is everywhere this year. In menswear blue suits were seen more often that grey or black suits. Blue collared shirts, blue ties and even blue dress socks are the perfect work day accessory. When it is time to get more casual, blue jackets, and cotton shirts are the perfect statement. Women are sporting cobalt blue skirts with blue print tops for business. The opportunities for wearing this new neutral are endless.

Menswear inspired clothing for women is the must have look in the UK this year, and it is catching on in the USA. This look is especially striking in business attire. Extremely tailored outfits with a feminine twist is the way to wear this fashion trend. Some of the business suits are even cut from the same cloth and are designed in a similar pattern to the men’s suits. Accessorize these suits with feminine hairstyles, jewelry, and sexy heels. Far from masculine, the menswear inspired clothing is flattering and attractive without traditionally female patterns, styles and colors. Pair the dark business suit with a tailored short sleeve blouse that has been styled with a ruffle and cap sleeves. You will find that this look follows the curves of a woman’s body unerringly. It is bold and understated all at the same time.

Casual shirts for men are still tailored, but not as close fitting as their formal counterparts. Forget the plain white or blue shirt, a pattern is the way to go. Small navy and wine checks, pink checks, and really any other angular pattern on a white background defines the look. There is a lot of blue here as well, and these tailored shirts are the perfect way to combine the color of the moment with a popular style. Pin stripes in blues, reds, pinks, and purples are another nice break from the monochromatic styles we saw last year.



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