Cool in summer; warm in Winter- Unique Khadi material


Khadi, also known as khaddar is a hand-woven cloth from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Later, its yarn is spun in charkha and different fabrics like silk and wool are also put in the yarn. This makes Khadi wholly and totally green as its handmade, hand woven and hand dyed. Many times, Khadi is comes from rural parts of the nation. While purchasing Khadi, being a eco-friendly cloth, more importance has to be given to the process than the outcome.


Cool printed Kadi saree

The distinguishing thing with Khadi is it is cool in summer and warm in winter .Moreover,it becomes more comfortable and attractive the more you wash and dry it.


Khadi as a discipline holds a significant role in the times of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Gandhiji as we all know) . Then it was not just a cloth, it was a whole movement. The motive of the Khadi movement was at boycotting foreign goods including cotton and promoting Indian goods, thereby improving India’s economy. 


Khadi material printed with Om and other designs to give a Splendid look


White full sleeved Khadi shirt paired with denim jeans

Khadi shirts are highly popular due to its unique blend of fabrics. Khadi shirts look attractive and give a rich look.


Printed Blue Khadi kurta giving a Casual and rich look

Khadi goes Global!



A model wearing Khadi in a fashion show

Earlier, during the British rule, The British would buy cotton from India at cheap prices and export them to Britain where they were woven to make clothes. These clothes were then brought back to India to be sold at hefty prices. This was why Khadi movement took place to fight against the foreign cottons mix with the Indian originated fabric. So is the demand and the versatility of Khadi.

Mahtma Gandhi`s fabric of compassion has made a global statement today.It is appreciated globally being eco-friendly. Khadi is combined with different fabrics and lovely colours and shapes are printed on it. Clothing like khadi kurtas, shirts are seen as casual wear…while Khadi is also used in high-end dressing like waistcoats, shawls and tunics!

From New York to Paris, Gandhiji`s fabric is haute and unique!

The best part about Khadi is ,Khadi is a cool and comfortable clothing,and does not ignores the unprivileged . Major works of Khadi come from the rural parts of India. Its serves as a means of employment to unoccupied women.




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