The Graceful feet bracelet…Anklet!


Anklet the feet bracelet holds a long and rich position in the history of the world. From ages, women are observed wearing anklets to beautify their well groomed feet. Indeed, the use of anklet bracelets may have been the precursor to the modern pedicure, painted toenails, and high heels.


Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, where it is commonly known as payal.


Anklets are as old as 8000 years .  Women in Mesopotamia used to wear them to show off their husband’s fortune. In ancient times in Egypt, anklets were extremely fashionable. They were fashion jewelry for the wealthy classes of women. These women often showed their status with flashy stones and metals. Women of the poorer working classes typically wore handmade anklets with simple metals. They handcrafted the jewelry to incorporate symbols that they believed would bring them good fortune in their futures.



Today anklets are an important element of Middle Eastern belly dancers’ outfits. Intricate handcrafted anklets create a subtle but beautiful sound as the belly dancers move their feet.


The anklets come with loving embellishments, intricate carvings and other fine artistry easily done on metal. Earlier they were made of silver or brass but their popularity has made the manufacturers try out other metals and experiment with traditional and contemporary designs.


Anklets go well with Indian traditional clothing as well as on western wear.Handmade anklets are totally in these days.


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