How to Carry Printed Pants well


We all just got used to wearing brightly colored jeans, and already there’s another trend that’s here to stay: printed pants. Printed pants are definitely a tough trend to pull off as you don’t want them to look like PJs! But, there’s nothing to be afraid of. With the right amount of confidence and a little bit of creativity anyone can carry off this trend.


Play it safe: If you are new to this trend, play it safe with subtle prints like pinstripes and polka dots.

Cut is crucial: Patterned trousers can look preppy and even business-casual when styled correctly. While printed harem-style pants are hot on street style blogs, they can be hard to pull off in real life. The easiest and most flattering way to rock this trend is with a skinny cut.

Elongate your legs: This can be done in many ways, but wearing heels or wedges is probably the easiest. Ballet flats will look great with cropped styles.

Keep your top simple: Solid colours and slimming silhouettes will nicely complement the boldness of your pants. Sometimes patterned bottoms have a tendency to look like pyjama pants. Pair them with a neat dress shirt and blazer to accomplish the perfect look.

Remember, leggings aren’t pants: Always pair your printed leggings with a tunic or a simple dress that covers your butt.

Be confident: As with almost every fashion trend, those around you can sense whether you feel good in something or not. Carry yourself with confidence and people will admire your bold sense of style.]



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